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About Us

Who We Are.

Sun Enterprises is located at District Thane in the State of Maharashtra-India. SE introduces us as a buyer and seller with all kind of Fiberglass (B-Grade, C-Grade and Waste) And Other Scrap Material. Our company maintains an inventory of all types of scrap. Precisely we buy/sell all types of Fiberglass, Chopped Strand Mat Powder/Emulsion, Multi End Roving, Fabrication Mix Material Waste and other scrap material. The core business of the company is primarily the purchasing and selling of a wide variety of Fibreglass waste and other scrap from most of the reputed companies throughout India and Global Countries.

Company Vision

The Managing Director of the company aims to establish SUN ENTERPRISES as the major buyer of All Types of Fiberglass (B-Grade, C-Grade) Waste in India, United States Of America, Latin America (Mexico), Japan, Korea, Bahrain and Europe Countries A determination exists within the company to maintain current high standards of customer service and product quality assurance. Our motto is to satisfy and fulfil all requirements of our client and our Supplier at our end.

Material Overview

We have the ability to purchase a wide variety of recyclable material. Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (MPCB) granted us consent number to purchase and sell scrap/waste material. We are the member of Mumbai Waste Management Ltd for dumping/unrecyclable material. We can securely package material in an easily transportable form i.e. baled or bagged. Our company has the ability to take whatever the quantity, which you have in hand. SUN ENTERPRISES is interested to purchase and sell all types of Fiberglass (B-Grade, C-Grade) Waste Material, Multi End Roving, Fiberglass Type-30, Chopped Strand Emulsion Mat 120 gm/sqm to 450 gm/sqm and Chopped Strand Powder Mat, and other scrap/waste material.